Central Region

1Nottawasaga FC14102236152132
2Richmond Hill Raiders White1482435171826
3Caledon Ladies FC1463533231021
4Caledon Wildcats146352819921
5Newmarket United146352924521
6Oak Ridges Knights1440102745-1812
7Aurora Spurs1421111459-457

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1Cassandra MILANIRichmond Hill Raiders White16
2Katie HALENottawasaga FC15
3Maren MELNICKOak Ridges Knights15
4Melanie GALLANTCaledon Ladies FC11
5Michaela KRAMPERTCaledon Wildcats7
6Isabella MACLEANAurora Spurs6
7Nicole CROUCHMENNewmarket United6
8Andrea CZYRKACaledon Ladies FC5
9Taylor MACIVERNottawasaga FC5
10Timara STUCKCaledon Ladies FC5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Victoria LEWISRichmond Hill Raiders White4
2Kaitlyn TAYLORCaledon Wildcats3
3Samantha MACDONALDNottawasaga FC3
4Alanna HOMENUKNottawasaga FC2
5Cassandra REAOak Ridges Knights2
6Micaela MENNAMANCaledon Ladies FC2
7Teresa COSENTINONewmarket United2
8Denise CHEESEMANNewmarket United1
9Samantha SIMMONSCaledon Wildcats1
10Tamara JANOWSKIRichmond Hill Raiders White1

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