South Region Under 21

1North Mississauga Panthers Red17151174116346
2West Lincoln Wildcats18123358193939
3Clarkson Comets17121458292937
4Hamilton Sparta18112549321735
5Oakville Blue Devils1784547311628
6Erin Mills Eagles178362425-127
7Burlington Bayhawks1843111748-3115
8Georgetown Mustangs1832132859-3111
9Saltfleet Stoney Creek1814131672-567
10Lincoln Soccer Club1813141257-456

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1Kate KNAFELCWest Lincoln Wildcats31
2Sara TRAYNORNorth Mississauga Panthers Red22
3Julianna CELLAMAREHamilton Sparta21
4Patrycia KOZAKOakville Blue Devils21
5Adrianna BELFER-MARINClarkson Comets20
6Jen ROMEROClarkson Comets16
7Cassandra ARMSTRONGOakville Blue Devils15
8Serena RIVERSOHamilton Sparta12
9Tori EVANSNorth Mississauga Panthers Red11
10Shyanne REIDNorth Mississauga Panthers Red9

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Howell MEAGHANNorth Mississauga Panthers Red9
2Breanna HABINSKIWest Lincoln Wildcats8
3Ashley GIBBONSHamilton Sparta5
4Alexis HRYSHKO-BARRYErin Mills Eagles3
5Katie Dickey West Lincoln Wildcats3
6Kiera RAITTBurlington Bayhawks3
7Jocelyne WAYOakville Blue Devils2
8Julia THIESLincoln Soccer Club2
9Madison KALDENBACHGeorgetown Mustangs2
10Veronica KOZAKOakville Blue Devils2
11Veronica STARRClarkson Comets2
12Alyssa SCALERAWest Lincoln Wildcats1
13Katherine QUONErin Mills Eagles1
14Mandelina SEQUEIRAClarkson Comets1

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