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#DivDayDateKOFieldHome TeamAway Team
75 CRE21WedMay 2321:00EastgatePeterborough City WhitePeterborough City
76 CRE21SunMay 2711:15University of TorontoNorth Toronto Nitros RedNorth York Explosion
77 CRE21SunMay 2719:00Civic Field #5 (Durham)FC Durham AcademyOshawa Kicks U21
78 CRE21MonMay 2821:00Courtice SouthDarlington EnergyPeterborough City
79 CRE21WedMay 3021:00Downsview Park #2North Toronto Nitros RedPeterborough City White
80 CRE21ThuMay 3121:00Civic Field #3 (Durham)Oshawa Kicks U21North York Explosion
81 CRE21SunJun 319:00Civic Field #5 (Durham)FC Durham AcademyDarlington Energy
83 CRE21ThuJun 721:00EastgatePeterborough City North York Explosion
84 CRE21SunJun 1013:00EastgatePeterborough City Oshawa Kicks U21
82 CRE21MonJun 1121:00Darlington Field #4Darlington EnergyNorth Toronto Nitros Red
85 CRE21TueJun 1221:00MoatfieldNorth York ExplosionPeterborough City White
86 CRE21WedJun 1321:00Downsview Park #2North Toronto Nitros RedFC Durham Academy
87 CRE21ThuJun 1421:00Civic Field #3 (Durham)Oshawa Kicks U21Darlington Energy
88 CRE21SunJun 1713:00Centennial College ScarboroughFC Durham AcademyPeterborough City White
89 CRE21SunJun 1715:00University of TorontoNorth Toronto Nitros RedPeterborough City
90 CRE21TueJun 1921:00MoatfieldNorth York ExplosionFC Durham Academy
91 CRE21WedJun 2021:00EastgatePeterborough City WhiteDarlington Energy
92 CRE21ThuJun 2121:00Downsview Park #2North Toronto Nitros RedOshawa Kicks U21
93 CRE21SunJun 2419:00Civic Field #5 (Durham)FC Durham AcademyNorth York Explosion
94 CRE21MonJun 2521:00Darlington Field #4Darlington EnergyFC Durham Academy
95 CRE21TueJun 2621:00MoatfieldNorth York ExplosionPeterborough City
96 CRE21TueJul 321:00MoatfieldNorth York ExplosionDarlington Energy
97 CRE21ThuJul 521:00EastgatePeterborough City FC Durham Academy
98 CRE21SunJul 813:00EastgatePeterborough City WhiteOshawa Kicks U21
99 CRE21SunJul 819:00Civic Field #5 (Durham)FC Durham AcademyPeterborough City
100 CRE21TueJul 1021:00MoatfieldNorth York ExplosionNorth Toronto Nitros Red
101 CRE21ThuJul 1221:00Civic Field #3 (Durham)Oshawa Kicks U21FC Durham Academy
102 CRE21MonJul 1621:00Courtice SouthDarlington EnergyPeterborough City White
103 CRE21MonJul 1621:00Civic Field #3 (Durham)Oshawa Kicks U21North Toronto Nitros Red
104 CRE21WedJul 1821:00EastgatePeterborough City WhiteNorth Toronto Nitros Red
105 CRE21ThuJul 1921:00Civic Field #3 (Durham)Oshawa Kicks U21Peterborough City
106 CRE21SunJul 2213:00EastgatePeterborough City Peterborough City White
107 CRE21TueJul 2421:00MoatfieldNorth York ExplosionOshawa Kicks U21
108 CRE21WedJul 2521:00Downsview Park #2North Toronto Nitros RedDarlington Energy
109 CRE21ThuJul 2621:00EastgatePeterborough City WhiteFC Durham Academy
110 CRE21SunJul 2913:00EastgatePeterborough City Darlington Energy
111 CRE21SunJul 2919:00Civic Field #5 (Durham)FC Durham AcademyNorth Toronto Nitros Red
112 CRE21MonJul 3021:00Darlington Field #4Darlington EnergyOshawa Kicks U21
113 CRE21WedAug 121:00EastgatePeterborough City WhiteNorth York Explosion
114 CRE21ThuAug 221:00EastgatePeterborough City North Toronto Nitros Red

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